Research Interests

Sustainable Wastewater Treatment
Bioelectrochemical technologies
Anaerobic treatment
Landfill leachate treatment

Resource Recovery
Bioenergy production
Nutrient recovery
Wastewater reuse
Algal bioreactors

Desalination and Membrane Technologies
Microbial desalination cells
Forward osmosis
Membrane bioreactors
Membrane aerated bioreactors

Patent Granted

US Patent 9527038, "Osmotic bioelectrochemical systems". Inventor: Zhen He

US Patent 9130216, "Integrated photo-bioelectrochemical systems". Inventor: Zhen He

US Patent 8524402, "Electricity generation using microbial fuel cells". Inventors: Zhen He, Kenneth Nealson, and Florian Mansfeld


Research Sponsors

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