Latest News

Dr. He was named a Fellow of Water Environment Federation.

Our team won the 2nd place at the 1st Annual IWEA Intelligent Water Challenge.

EnvESA collaborated with the School District of University City and St. Louis Aquarium Foundation to provide fifth-grade students with a hands-on water education program.


Recent Papers

"Microbial electrochemical ammonia recovery from anaerobic digester centrate and subsequent application to fertilize Arabidopsis thaliana". Water Research.

"Data-driven prediction of neutralizer pH and valve position towards precise control of chemical dosage in a wastewater treatment plant". Journal of Cleaner Production.

"Activation of persulfate for degradation of sodium dodecyl sulfate by a hybrid catalyst hematite/cuprous sulfide with enhanced FeIII/FeII redox cycling". Chemosphere.


Environmental Biotechnology & Bioenergy Laboratory (EBBL) is a part of the Department of Energy, Environmental and Chemical Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis (WashU). Our interests lie at the crossroads of microbiology, engineering and electrochemistry. We are seeking a fundamental understanding of the microbial process in engineered systems designed for biological wastewater treatment and bioenergy production with the overarching goal to improve bioreactor performance. Our work includes but not limit to: biotechnology development for wastewater treatment, bioenergy production using microbial fuel cells, sustainable desalination technology, bioremediation using bio-electrochemical techniques and the understanding of those and other environmental biological processes.


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